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3:00 Reverse Raffle - Thank you to Jack Edgerton for coordinating the Reverse Raffle event which nets $5700 !! Jack is looking for help with this task, and asking for volunteers to step up to assist / take over the project. 

5:00 - Annual meeting - Doug Anderson - highlights of the season .. Sept 9th - Grand Opening 

Sept 10 - 12 - the Opener - 3 day open bonspiel to highlight our new club Sept 13th - annual golf outing 

Lots of hours of planning in coordinating all of these events. Finishing our first full league of curling - a success !! 

Thanks to Tom Pepowski for building the broom holder, as well as hanging the sheet signs. Thanks to Jim Wroblewski and Brenda Saeger for building the cup holders that are in the ice house. Huge thanks to Steve, Jack K and ice crew for creating world class ice. 

Congratulations to the CA-UWSP team for capturing the GOLD at the College National Championship - the team was seeded #1 and proved their talents. Kayla Guenther, Jada Harris, Meghan Taylor, Sawyer Caldwell, and Jackson Armstrong 

Learn To Curl and Corporate Events - chaired by Sandra Kawleski - brought in appx $4500 

Wheelchair Curlers - conducted 6 events during the 2021 - 2022 season, bringing appx $6200 

Future events - Junior National Championship Event - April 23 - 30, 2022 Sentry Board of Directors Meeting - scheduled for Tuesday, May 10 2022. Ice will be kept in place for both events. 

A moment of silence was held to honor two long-time fellow curlers who passed during this season - Art Fraske and John Prais.

Annual Dinner - thanks to Sandra Kawleski, Jan Coleman, Rose Grych, Karen Konopacky and all the others who volunteered to help with planning the streak dinner, and those who brought appetizers for the cocktail hour, for all to share. 

Election - Board of Directors .. The members who will not be running are Emily Weiss and Ryan Kernosky. Voting available online, ballots were available for those needed to vote at the meeting. 

2021 Board Minutes - Lori Kawleski made a motion to approve the minutes as written - all in favor. 

Financial Report - Jack Edgerton reported $129K in the bank money market.. $698 in outstanding loans, $20K balance on the rocks, paying over several years … cash flow is good, sufficient for day to day expenses. The amount needed to cover operating expenses is $49K. Bar is bringing in a healthy amount, Bonspiels brought in appx $20K. Sales tax must be paid on profits of bar for bonspiels, etc - already paid $2K. Daytimers use their own accounting - Connie Check reported balance averages $1300-1700. Use funds for purchases - such as aprons for kitchen staff, purchased clocks, frying pans. Will consider requests. 

Golf outing - income appx $15K - Scholarship funds earmarked from proceeds of the golf outing. Old curling club building has now been demolished. Thank you to Jack Konopacky and Jim Haferman for removal of the liquids from the compressor equipment. 

Leagues - Sunday U5 - Jason Tree - very successful. The Rubenzer team defeated the Cutting team. Monday league - Jeff Lila .. conducted a round robin. Tuesday, league coordinator Ryan Kernosky - playoff winners ..Weiss / Townsend team. Wednesday Ladies - Kathy Browne - reported had 27 members, typically used 3 sheets, 6 end games, switched up teams at the six week mark. Thursday - Jack Edgerton 11 teams - Top team went to the Matt Weiss team.. Friday league - Lenore actively recruited

members to join - hope for more success next season. Youth - Little Rocks, chaired by J Anderson with assistance from High School volunteers. Number of kids doubled from the previous year. Boys & Girls Club - Nick Bandow worked effortlessly with staff to recruit students .. did get a group ready to curl, BGC had staffing issues and could not transport the students to the club. Hoping for better results next season. 

High School - Lori Kawleski & Patti Henning. Thanks to Rick Kawleski and Erik Neilson for helping with the team. Erik helped to organize the team jackets, also helped with team photos. Three scholarship participants received the awards, Simon Solin, Cade and Aiden. Three practices were held each week. The girls teams ended with 75% wins, Boys 60%. Several seniors will be graduating. Katie Lila, Carlos and Mago also helped with practices. 

Jodi Olmsted reported on the CA-UWSP team - won the gold at the College Nationals in Fargo - UWSP is the 1st and only that have won 3 national championships. Congratulations to the Team !!! 

Junior National Championship held at our club - April 23 - 30, 2022. Have 12 boys and 10 girls teams signed up.. Expect 350 - 400 spectators. Bleachers are being donated for use by SPASH. Finals are being held on Saturday, April 30th. Have received $5K sponsorship from Sentry, Spectra Print donated an in- kind donation by printing the programmed - value $2500. Lori Kawleski was instrumental in writing a grant to the Stevens Point Area Visitors Bureau which will be used toward a PA system, and for the cost of keeping the ice for the additional 4 weeks. Admission income will help to offset expenses - $60 for the Event, and $15 daily pass.. Income will also come from program sales, and food concessions. Lori Kawleski also worked with schools to adopt a team - allowed teams to go into the school to talk with the students, also had the option of having the students come to watch their team. Shawn Olson, National Ice Maker will be at the event all week. Volunteers are key to help make this event a success. Gail Bernhagen chaired that event .. reached out to Sentry retirees all members, needing volunteers for kitchen and clean up, tickets and timekeepers. Chris and Stacy Viau chaired the team host aspect of the

event .. allows teams to connect with families, offer a friendly face, help with community activities, etc. 

Key committee members included Steve, Gale Bernhagen, Sandra Kawleski, Ryan Kernosky, Lori Kawleski, Kris Henning, Chris and Stacy Viau, Doug Anderson 

Bonspiels .. Women’s Badger event - Jan 29-30 2021 .. hosted 12 teams. Our club was asked to host (with 3 weeks to plan because of another club canceling). Event was a success .. Patti Henning was elected as President of the Badger Women’s group. 

Steve Emt and several other wheelchair curlers were guests at our annual meeting - Steve thanked and recognized our club and members for welcoming the wheelchair curlers. Are very appreciative of the hospitality extended, and hope to return as often as possible. 

Opener - Sept 10 - 12 2021 

Turkey Speil - Nov 6 -7 2021 

Hoppefest - Jan 14-16 2022 - 

Women’s - Feb 11 - 13 2022 - winner Lisa Johnson team Men’s Bonspiel - Mar 11 - 13 2022 Jay Packard team 

Mixed - April 1 - 3 2022 - Matt Davis team 

Board of Directors Election - Nominees included .. 

Josh Cutting Josh Chojnacki Adam Schultz and inclubent Mass Weiss And the winners are … Matt Weiss Josh Cutting and Josh Chojnacki .. Congratulations to all !!! 

Presidents Award .. awarded to Steve Wykle for his many hours of volunteering and dedication to the club for tackling projects, especially the Jr Nationals event. Also awarded was Jack Konopacky for his dedication and work on maintaining the quality of ice that makes curling great. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH STEVE AND JACK !!! 

Meeting adjourned.

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