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March 13, 2022



March 13, 2022 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Sunday, March 13, 2022   Attendees  - Doug Anderson       Jack Konopacky

 Jack Edgerton     Sandra Kawleski     Matt Davis  Tom Pepowski    Steve Wykle 

  Matt Weiss   Emily Weiss


Meeting 5:00  PM   


Sentry Curling Center  1515 Maple Dr      Plover  Wi  54467



Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order.


Minutes from previous Meeting -  Minutes approved, motion made by Steve  2nd by Tom Pepowski,   approved   -   all in favor.


Financial Update …   Jack Edgerton ….  Jack reported a balance of  $145,583 .  Received a check for $500 from the Milwaukee Curling Members as a memorial to recently deceased  Club Member John Prais.  Sandra to send  a Thank you note on behalf of our club.  Jack reported Reverse Raffle collected $3600 -  many unpaid at this time.    WPS bill received -  $4785, usage about the same.  Electric $1800 since Oct 1 2021, Gas  $7627.  Dumpster rental increased due to delivery of a larger Recycle container.

Bonspiel Status -

Men’s -  Casey Konopacky   -   32 teams entered   Just wrapped up a very successful event -  served a steak dinner.  The 32 team format worked well - entry fee $300 x 32 - $9600, raffle collected $3600.  Beer needed to be ordered for Saturday …  9 half barrels were delivered on Saturday morning.  


Mixed -   Lilas / Guays    April 1 - 3  2022   24 teams  Entry fee $380.  No update  


Opener -  Date established …  Sept 30 - Oct 1  2022   32 teams   May eliminate the fall league

Golf Outing Date …   Sept 12 2022


Learn to Curl Events .. Sandra provided a summary of  all events beginning in Nov 2021 which included LTC events as well as Corporate events, student groups, etc.  Total income appx $3800 from all events.  A lot of work / effort for results.  Sandra requested assistance to expand the number of instructors, which provides the biggest challenge in preparing for all of the events.  Doug agreed to conduct a train the trainer type event in October.  Another request is having more members involved in preparing / taking responsibility for  the events, to alleviate all tasks falling onto one person.


Junior Nationals Update   April 13 - 17th, 2022.  Steve Wykle ..  Lori Kawleski prepared a press release -  released  to members,  posted on the Website.   Website now set on home page -  can access links including Volunteers, housing, etc.  Volunteers categories include Kitchen and general clean up, Ticket sales and greeter, timekeeping, different shifts  morning, afternoon, evening.  Bar will have a separate sign up at the club due to having to have a proper  license.  Gale reached out to Sentry retirees, and will get posted on their venue.

Current teams registered -9 boys  5 girls,  Steve in discussion with Dean regarding COVID protocol, masking for curlers except when curling, will be cordoned off with separate entrance, not able to access concession.  Spectators masking not required. Doug will be contacting Dean to discuss strict adherence. 

  Areas addressed … seating -  bleacher seating on main floor -  3 sections borrowing from SPASH.    Anticipate 200 - 250 daily attendance.  Seating upstairs -  look into high top tables.  Need a PA system - look into options.   

Athlete Interface -   chairs include  Chris and Stacy Viau, and Erik Neilsen…assisting with opening and closing ceremonies.  Suzanna created an event logo, submitted for review.  Suggesting activities for curlers – scavenger hunt, trivia event.  Seeking a closing ceremony guest speaker - researching options, Matt Hamilton was a lead, not available.

Program -  Ryan Kernosky chairing -  working with Rachael -  program to include full, half, and quartership ads, team photos, etc.  Ryan will be available to help with preparing ad / message, his email listed on the participation form.  Deadline for getting info to Ryan -  April 1.

Clothing Vender -  Steve enlisted a firm to be on site to offer custom apparel including sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.  Event shirt will have all curlers names on the back, as well as sponsors.

Will be charging admission - Terry Davis chairing ticketing.. detail as to lanyards / wristbands,  TBD.  Admission will be $60 for the weekly event, $12 / day.  Timers and Officials will be handled by Doug Anderson.  USCA indicated they would assist, but doesn’t appear to be happening.    Discussion of Streaming - Steve  will investigate options.  Sandra Kawleski chairing Food Service -  concession style format.. Need for many daytime volunteers -   Gale will seek out Sentry retirees..  Matt Davis and Steve handling credit card payment options to be added -  (similar to bar card) registration, food service.   Fundraising -  Kris Henning chair.  Completed the Sponsorship and Advertising packages options piece -  Sara Brish coordinating Stevens Point Area Convention and Visitor Bureau  mailing going out to 250 local businesses, and working with Portage County Business Council to coordinate their mailing option.  


Offseason project list …Tom Pepowski   -  Clocks were hung by Mike Ryan.  Cup Holders built and installed by Jim and Brenda Wroblewski.


Annual Meeting -  Date set for Saturday April 9th -  Sandra to post sign up sheet (which has been posted).  Reverse Raffle to be conducted at 3:00 - steak dinner scheduled for 5 pm -  $15 per person.  Annual meeting scheduled after dinner - 7:00 ish.  Matt and Terry Davis to publish updated Broomstacker edition with announcements, to include Jr National update, annual meeting, reverse raffle get your money in message.  Board of Director nominees -  3 vacating positions -  Ryan Kernosky, Matt Weiss, Emily Weiss.  Looking for nominations, those interested need to submit a bio which outlines the qualities and experiences that would define why they would be a good addition to the board..

Online voting -  will be posted on the website when the candidate slate has been completed.  Board election to be completed during the annual meeting.


League / Bonspiel plaques   Discussion of having new plaques which will display winners of league / bonspiels.   Suggested that league coordinators take ownership of selecting the plaque and obtaining name plates of winners. 

Other –

Badger Htg -  Steve reported that Badger Htg spent 15 + hours working on getting the kitchen fan figured out -  did some rewiring, and it is (finally) now working  properly.  Also worked on the temperature issue in the various zones -  got that figured out too.  The thermostats are preset based on being occupied, raising and lowering specific to people being at the club.  System has an override -  Steve to prepare instructions to accommodate adjusting during times that need adjusting.  Advised if the red light on the thermostat is lit, means it’s heating..  The issue of the heat going off -   pulleys on the furnace system were plastic, and due to being  misaligned, belts were slipping which caused the system to turn off. Pulleys were changed to stainless, should correct the issue.

The south wall has cracks in 3 sections, causing water leaks inside creating standing water on the deck.  Keller is working on resolving that issue.  Another Keller issue are bolts on the pillars that are not where they need to be.   

Ice machine has been fixed -  service person Roger came on Thursday March 10th - a day before the start of the mixed  bonspiel -  just in time.


Discover Sentry School  Doug Anderson will be participating by conducting a virtual classroom session on the sport of curling.   There will be 2 sessions -  Oct 12th and Oct 19th.


Wisconsin Life Shoot -  received a request from Kelly Saran  of PBS Wisconsin -  wanting to create a segment for their production of Wisconsin Life to be aired in December / January.  Kelly and the camera crew came to the  club to shoot video footage.. Spent the morning of Thursday, March 10th.  The entire cast and crew returned on Thursday March 17th -  more footage, host commentary, interviews with Doug and Kris Henning, and Angela learning how to curl.  Footage  included the 5th graders on the 10th, and daytime curlers on both days.  Will include footage of the Jr Nationals, will forward to Kelly, to include a segment on that event.


Jack Edgerton  -  Ice Ads - 12 have been paid, 9 unpaid.   One golf outing hole sponsorship still unpaid, Bottle Stop.  Still need a committee, someone to chair.   Jack is still seeking help with the Reverse Raffle .. discussion of whether to continue in the future …  Collect $9000 - payout is $3200 - profit  $5800.

Meeting adjourned ..

Next meeting -  April 10, 2022


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