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February 13, 2022



February 13, 2022 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Sunday, February 13, 2022   Attendees  - Doug Anderson       Jack Konopacky

 Jack Edgerton     Justin Adamski   Sandra Kawleski     Matt Davis  Tom Pepowski    Steve Wykle   Matt Weiss   Emily Weiss


Meeting 3:00  PM   


Sentry Curling Center  1515 Maple Dr      Plover  Wi  54467



Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order.

Minutes from previous Meeting -  Minutes approved, motion made by Jack K, 2nd by Tom Pepowski,   approved   -   all in favor.


Financial Update …   Jack Edgerton ….  Jack reported $124,500..  Bar income $13K.  Also reported that Report 990 was filed -  needed to include names and addresses of those donating over $5K.  Question $112 check -  prorated dues for new Sunday curler, Nathan Groshek,  Ice ads -  4 checks have been received  -  Pineries,  Okray, Henning, Brody Rice.   Hoppe income - $1500, Badger Women’s  $2120.


Bonspiel Status -

Women’s -   16 teams  Entry Fee $240 -  $3840 -  just wrapped up afternoon of Feb 13th -  no accounting as of meeting…  Winning  team -  Lisa Johnson rink -  Milwaukee.  Kudos to Casey for creating an awesome draw sheet.   And huge THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERS !!!

Men’s -  Casey Konopacky   -   32 teams entered    March 11 - 13th

Mixed -   Lilas / Guays    April 1 - 3  2022   24 teams  Entry fee $380.  


Learn to Curl Events .. Jeff Lila coordinating -  Mondays, Feb 14 and 21st …Saturdays, Feb 19 and 26  charging a $10 fee for curlers -  need to collect checks..   Structure -  enhance on-line payment option to avoid collecting checks.  Jason Tree has volunteered to coordinate LTC structure for the next season, more info to follow.

Junior Nationals Update   April 13 - 17th, 2022.  Steve Wykle ..  Lori Kawleski preparing a press release -  intended to go out to membership prior to public notification.  Need to post the  press release on the Website.   Committee  meeting which included the Portage County Business Council including Karen Meyers, Mike Witte… Visitors and Convention Bureau -  Sara Brish and intern Taylor ..  Village of Plover -  Steve Kunst.  Areas addressed … seating -  bleacher seating on main floor -  3 sections borrowing from SPASH.    Anticipate 200 - 250 daily attendance.  Seating upstairs -  look into high top tables.  Need a PA system - look into options.   Will be charging admission -  detail as to lanyards / wristbands,  TBD.  Timers and Officials … USCA will assist in providing in this area.  An Email from Vietta Kampen was sent to recruit help with officials and timers -  Level 1 Officiating Course scheduled in Middleton  Feb 26.  Discussion of Steaming -  will investigate options.  Food Service -  considering  concession style format.. Need for many daytime volunteers -   Gale will seek out Sentry retirees..  Credit card payment options to be added -  (similar to bar card) registration, food service.  Matt Davis will investigate this aspect of  the program.  Fundraising -  Kris Henning chair.     USCA providing a bridge to fund the cost of maintaining ice for weeks prior to the event   Potential for income of $20K.


Offseason project list …Tom Pepowski  Tom prepared a format by listing projects that need to be addressed.  It provides the opportunity for members to  sign up for a specific task to be done at the convenience of  volunteers.  This format eliminates the need for a ‘work day’ - provides greater flexibility for projects to be completed in a more efficient manner..  Email to be sent to membership.


Ice Ads -   Sandra prepared invoices for renewal of Ice Ads -  increased to $250.  Discussion of contacting the golf outing hole sponsors to determine interest.  One of the projects includes a more secure method of hanging the Ad signs - to be secure on the wall.


Power and controller alarm system -  Tom Pepowski   Tom finalized alarm system -  notifications of power failure will go to Tom,  Steve, Jack Konopacky and Jim Wroblewski, Matt Weiss asked to be added to the list.

Other –

Badger Heating -  came in to check the zoning issues in hallway, locker rooms, bathrooms.  Also checked the kitchen issue of cold air in the range area -  shouldn’t be that cold, not resolved, needs to be checked again.

Committees -  need to address the area of creating committees to assist in tasks -  Jack Edgerton has requested help with reverse raffle -  no response.  Communication is  another area that needs to be improved.  Matt Davis suggested a weekly update -  format to be determined.  

Static Board of Directors -  Steve Wykle … general discussion of looking at the composition of the current board, and terms being held.. Looking to recruit potential board candidates to re-energize - add benefits.

Cost of plastic cups -  Jack  Edgerton reported the cost of disposable beer cups now cost $.10 each -  discussion of using glass now instead of plastic.  Appears inventory is sufficient at this point for use during leagues -  bonspiels would revert back to plastic.  Glasses would need to be rinsed and placed in the kitchen at the dishwasher.

Ice -  running out -  During the women’s bonspiel, it appears that the ice maker was not keeping up with demand, needing to purchase bags of ice to get through the evening.   Jack E also reported that he needed to change the Co2 tank during the bonspiel -  will plan to get a spare on hand to change when needed.

Plaques - league winners.  Matt suggested that we start posting plaques of league winners -  start a new history.   


Meeting adjourned ..

Next meeting -  March 13th, 2022


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