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November 14, 2021



November 14, 2021 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Sunday, November 14, 2021 Attendees - Doug Anderson Jack Konopacky Jack Edgerton Justin Adamski Sandra Kawleski Matt Davis


Meeting 7:15 PM


Sentry Curling Center 1515 Maple Dr Plover Wi 54467



Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order. 

Minutes from previous Meeting - Minutes approved, motion made by Jack Edgerton , 2nd - all in favor. 

Financial Update … Jack Edgerton …. Jack reported total Assets - - $107,775. A payment of $24500 was made toward the Village loan, the result of a withdrawal from checking as well as of several donations. Jack reported that the WPS bills from Feb Mar Apr May averaged 30-32000 KWH. The Sept stmt showed 27880 KWH and Oct 25280 KWH - a result of increased efficiency of the new building. The invoice for the Audit came in … the cost for the F990 was $1980. The cost of the audit was $10900. Shouldn’t be faced with another audit unless donations of more than $500K are received in any one year. 

Scholarship Program - consider including UWSP Students .. update - No update - to be discussed at the next board meeting. 

Delivery sticks for the club… Steve had a request from Lenore Haferman and Marilyn representing Daytime curlers, for additional delivery sticks due to more members using the stick alternative. Steve did secure 6 additional sticks from Steve’s at a discount price of $49 each. Discussion of putting a couple of sticks out for demo use, and encouraging curlers to purchase their own. Jack will mark the stick with a ‘DEMO’ sticker. 

Regular Season League Structure - Friday League Status … currently have 6 curlers signed up for Friday, Lenore Haferman has volunteered to be the league coordinator, attempting to recruit more curlers. Matt Davis, looking for an opportunity to add Doubles as an opportunity for curlers, asked about Wednesdays … currently using 3 sheets, CA USWP students start at 8:30, following the women's league. They typically use two sheets.

Rate for curling by use - limited subs. Have a request for a rate to curl by use vs full membership. There is a person from Wausau who would like to sub on occasion Discussion of offering curling for a maximum of 5 times, for $75 per season. Will add this option to the sub listing on the Website. Another situation, a curler who wants to curl for ½ the season (health issue, missing the LTC events, etc), that person would be required to pay ½ the regular registration fee, whether new curler or regular curler. Jack asked about Jena Hohn, does not see her as registered or paid (follow up - she has a married name Jena Meyer, and is registered and paid) 

National U21 Jr. Championship - request to host April 13 - 17th, 2022. Doug Anderson was approached by Dean, (?) a representative of the USCA to see if our Club would host the above event. There will be 20 teams, 10 Men and 10 Women's teams. Money that would be paid is $250 / day. Discussion by the board of benefits clearly identified positive results. Motion made by Jack Edgerton, 2nd by Jack Konopacky, to accept the offer. Doug will be discussing with Jeff Plush, CEO USCA Curling Organization, to relay Club’s intent. 

UPDATE - Doug Anderson reported that this is now confirmed. 

Membership Committee Update - Some concern of current membership being down, in spite of Women’s league being up- currently at 30, and Daytime around 25. Steve will prepare an analysis of membership vs 2018-19. Currently showing 16 first year curlers. Doug reported that historically the conversion ratio of previous LTC to new curlers is around 10% which is in line with previous years. Also discussed will be adding some LTC events prior to the televised Olympic events. 

Facility Rental Update …… Steve and Sandra worked through a new Facility Rental and LTC rate schedule. The goal is to simplify and adjust rates for Corporate / Public events while staying very accessible for Community organizations, youth and members. Also prepared a contract to use for events. Steve sent documents to all board members to review prior to the board meeting - motion was made to approve - with the option to edit as needed. Motion made by Justin, 2nd by Matt Davis, all in favor. 

Hardship grants for Youth … Patti Henning approached Steve regarding a high schooler who cannot participate due to financial constraints. She asked about the possibility of creating a Hardship Program to assist where needed… or perhaps waiving the fee on a case by case basis, and supporting the cost of paying for uniform - team jacket. Discussion by board … developing a Helping Hand Fund that Jack will manage, and being administered by the Scholarship Fund members.. Requests to be discrete and made by HS coaches, for fees only. Motion made by Jack Edgerton, 2nd by Justin, all in favor. 

Power and controller alarm system - Tom Pepowski - No update - report at next board meeting. 

Electronic Payment - seemed to be an issue with PayPal - not an issue any longer. Jack Edgerton reported that the card reader has been delivered and now available for use at the bar. Credit cards can be used for payment via PayPal - Jack Edgerton suggested that when invoices are issued, add a fee to cover additional cost of paypal transaction.

Other - Doug Anderson - received an email from Carson Yenter, current member of the curling club. He is a Boy Scout and is working toward his Eagle Rank, which includes leading a service project to benefit the community … wanting to give back to the curling club with his project. Carsen would like the opportunity to build 8 benches to be placed in the ice house on each end of the curling sheets. Carson attached a plan outlining the materials, dimensions, etc. Discussion pursued by the Board to approve the plan, Tom Pepowski volunteered to evaluate the plan to determine the right fit for the benches in the ice house.. 

Other items - Jack Edgerton ….Club Pins - suggested offering to sell to the public for $4 each, members $3 each. Motion made and approved. 

Stainless Mugs - for sale at the bar for $10 each 

Name Badges - Steve is researching vendors to have name badges prepared for all new members from the previous season, as well as current season, for no cost. Name badges will also be available to current members for purchase. 

Checks for Scholarship Recipients - Justin reported he has the checks prepared for the recipients, discussed how to present to recipients, attempting to get a photo of presentation, if possible… will be checking with Lori K to determine if the students will be available for that occasion. 


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