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December 19, 2021



December 19, 2021 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Sunday, December 19, 2021 Attendees - Doug Anderson Jack Konopacky Jack Edgerton Justin Adamski Sandra Kawleski Matt Davis Ryan Kernosky Tom Pepowski Steve Wykle Matt Weiss Emily Weiss


Meeting 7:15 PM


Sentry Curling Center 1515 Maple Dr Plover Wi 54467


Jeff Lila

Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order. 

Guest - Jeff Lila - discuss Learn to Curl Events - Jeff volunteered to coordinate LTC events to coincide with the start of the Winter Olympic events. His plan is to hold LTC events on two Mondays, February 14th and 21st, and two events on Saturdays, February 19th and 26th. For the Mondays, start time of 7 pm, time to observe league play, intro, then time on the ice. Then, the plan is to create a 3 week mini league March 7, 14, and 21 for Monday night. Expectation is that current Monday night members will be enrolled, and then teams break up and look to recruit or take on 2 new teams. If there are more than 24 curlers, would look for Sunday or other nights. Board discussed charging a $10 fee per person and $45 for the mini league. Advertising - update website to reflect all detail, adding Facebook advertising, and update banners. Jeff also discussed hosting a business group to introduce to curling. 

Minutes from previous Meeting - Minutes approved, motion made and approved - all in favor. 

Financial Update … Jack Edgerton …. Reporting assets of $110,733. Pineries payment made. Jack has requested an updated amortization schedule from the Village of Plover. That payment is due at the end of the quarter. General fund has $3176, this is the account used to pay bills - may need to transfer funds as needed. Jack reported that the UWSP-CA dues have not been paid, Steve is working with Kayla to get statement of # of curlers, Sandra to create an invoice so that payment is made. One member not registered or paid, Matt Weiss to follow up to correct the situation. Bar update - HHG and Point Amber delivered, Oso’s Night Rain now added. Card reader is up and running, Jack would like to use only for bar transactions. 

Bonspiel Status - 

Hoppefest - Matt Weiss Jan 14 - 16 2022 Invite posted on website Entry Fee $200 24 teams 

Women’s - Sandra and Jan Coleman invite posted on website, invites to be released week of Dec 20th done. 16 teams Entry Fee $240

Men’s - Casey Konopacky Jack reported received 3 entries with checks. 32 teams $300 Entry Fee 

Mixed - Jeff Lila April 1 - 3 2022 24 teams Entry fee $380. Plan to serve catered lasagna for dinner, followed by music, no draws following dinner. 

Scholarship Program -.. update - Justin / Lori Kawleski coordinating. Checks have not been distributed - need to coordinate attempt to get a photo of presentation, even if it is separate, will be challenging to get all three together for presentation. Doug suggested the process be started to get applicants for the next recipients, get applications posted to have eligible seniors make applications. Would like to present at the annual meeting. 

National U21 Jr. Championship - request to host April 13 - 17th, 2022. Confirmed that our club will host this event - Steve Wykle is chairing, will be asking for volunteers to help with sub-committees, will need lots of volunteers. Also will be looking for sponsors, will be asking Sentry to consider. Ryan Kernosky suggested contacting the Village of Plover, to apply for tourism grants, which are available. 

Old Facility review with Art - Steve met with Art - toured the old facility to discuss the removal of glycol and ammonia - working on a plan. It appears the SP Country Club’s plan is to have the building demolished in 2022. Part of the agreement is to cover costs for remediation of asbestos. 

Ice Ads - Doug reported all current ice ad signs have been rehung with the help of Tom Pepowski and Rob Armatoski. Jason Tree volunteered to help with new ice advertisers by working to create the new sign and have prepared to display on the ice house wall. Volunteers are needed to chair the new advertiser campaign. Invoices will be prepared for all renewal ads at $250 each. New ads are also $250. 

University Memberships, bonspiel, freezer use - Steve is working with Kayla Guenther to obtain a report of all registered students, afterwhich Sandra will prepare an invoice. The bonspiel issue will be addressed by Jodi Olmsted to be submitted for payment. Freezer use - there are pizzas and cheese curds in the freezer which was left from the Turkey Spiel - Kayla was asked to use / remove prior to a 

club event that may need all freezer space. Regarding the cases of Point Root Beer - they did remove four cases, left two cases that can be sold at the bar – it appears students are taking the root beer from the walk-in, and not paying for the soda - misunderstanding to be cleared up by Kayla. 

Delinquent Dues - Jack reported that there are several club members who have not paid their dues yet - was suggested that the league coordinator manage contacting those individuals to collect. 

Bar - open to public - discussion by bar committee member Jack Edgerton - wanting clarification… gave examples - if a non member comes in to check out the facility, and asks for a beverage, another example .. a member along with non-members want to use the facility to play cribbage on a specific evening… board discussion of acceptable. Guests must adhere to bartender serving and closing at their discretion. Discussion of having the bar committee adjust rates of beverages to non members, also for corporate events. Motion was made by Justin, 2nd by Jack E to have the bar committee review and make recommendations.

Power and controller alarm system - Tom Pepowski Tom is working on using WPS to implement a system that will create alerts when there is a power outage - Tom needs the WPS account # to finalize the request with WPS. Discussed having alerts go to Jim Wroblewski, and Tom, copy SPCC Board. 

COVID Protocol - discussion - there is the notice on the front door that states if NOT VACCINATED, must wear a mask, if fully vaccinated, mask is optional. Currently there is no policing, use the honor system.. Concern from some members. It was added, should we be proactive vs reactive..especially now with the emergence of a new omicron variant. It was decided that the club continue the protocol in effect, evaluate if / when the situation changes. 

Other – 

Jack Edgerton - Set the date for the Year End Annual Meeting - typically early April, conflicts which brought us to April 23rd. Jack needs the date to order the Reverse Raffle tickets which have the date on the tickets. Will order 350 tickets as in the past. Jack also is requesting a co-chair with this task, someone who can help with the collection of monies from members. 

Jack E - shared that he and Steve TerMaat had a discussion of the insurance coverage for the Building and contents, currently have Sentry Ins - annual premium $2660 - will review. 

Jack E - Licensed bartenders - currently 25 - Jack will be asking for volunteers for Jan, Feb and March - asking that each member volunteer at least once … will be scheduling. 

Attire - one member wearing denim jeans - have league coordinator address the issue with the individual. 

Matt Davis - talked to Dave Garber - again asking about the plaques, etc that he donated to the club. All stored in the storage room - committee responsible for the project of decorating and selecting those items to display. Matt indicated that Dave is considering curling again. 

Next meeting - January 9, 2022 (Zoom ?? - no time specified) .

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