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October 10, 2021


October 10, 2021 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Sunday, October 10, 2021 Attendees - Doug Anderson Jack Konopacky Steve Wykle Jack Edgerton Justin Adamski Sandra Kawleski Tom Pepowski Ryan Kernosky


Meeting 6:00 PM


Sentry Curling Center 1515 Maple Dr Plover Wi 54467



Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order. 

Minutes from previous Meeting - Minutes approved, motion made by Steve, 2nd by Justin - all in favor. 

Financial Update … Jack Edgerton …. Jack reported total Assets - - $112,849. . Jack reported that the WPS statement for Sept was $3500. 

Scholarship update - Justin provided update … he previously met with committee, discussed at last board meeting - motion made and accepted to provide $500 to each of three candidates that submitted applications. Since that time, there was some discussion with the committee that perhaps 1 large gift of $1500 be presented to one candidate. Since the board already voted, $500 to the 3 candidates will be presented. Lori will coordinate the presentation, and will attempt to arrange a photo op for publicity. 

Fall Season ..2021 … beginning Monday Sept 20th Steve update .. 37 participants. Monday has 6 members, Doubles has 12. 4 full teams, playing 2 games. Wednesday’s Instructional is full, 16 members participating, going well. Thursdays reserved for Learn to Curls, September 23rd, September 30th, October 7th and October 14th. Report to follow.

LEARN TO CURL EVENTS - Sandra … Events scheduled … 

Sept 23rd, had 9 Adults and 1 Student registered. 2 couples interested in Sunday, no feel for others. 10 college students also attended, used sheets A and B to practice - Kayla Guenther, Pres UWSP Curling Assn had sent an email to students interested in curling ( I was unaware, but worked out, everyone got to curl). 

The Sept 30th session had 8 Adults and 3 Youth - all 3 youth will be joining, 2 HS and one Little Rocks. Adults - 1 already signed up for Wed and Sun, one Daytime, one couple interested in Sunday and the 2 UWSP students interested in Sunday as well, very good response. Had several College students. 

October 7 session - 6 Adults - no feel on placement. One student - forwarded to Patti Henning for HS. 

October 14th … will report 

Jeff Lila has volunteered to help with league placement, working on membership committee. 

Regular Season League Structure Similar to previous season . Sunday, ideally 16 teams, appears from a placement standpoint, room for any of the league nights. College will practice on Wednesdays, beginning at 8:30. Continuing to look for league coordinators for the Friday league, hoping to have a couple host, Doug will reach out to the Chisholms, Cuttings declined. Attempting to have doubles on Wednesdays, will depend on # for the women's league. Also looking for a replacement for the Women’s league Coordinator, Chris Rudahl resigned, Sandra will reach out to Kathy Browne. 

National U21 Jr. Championship - request to host April 13 - 17th, 2022. Doug Anderson was approached by Dean, (?) a representative of the USCA to see if our Club would host the above event. There will be 20 teams, 10 Men and 10 Women's teams. Money that would be paid is $250 / day. Discussion by the board of benefits clearly identified positive results. Motion made by Jack Edgerton, 2nd by Jack Konopacky, to accept the offer. Doug will be discussing with Jeff Plush, CEO USCA Curling Organization, to relay Club’s intent. 

Membership Committee Update - Committee needs to meet to continue discussion - lots of elements involved in the membership. No update at this meeting. Jeff Lila expressed interest in helping with this committee .. 

Facility Rental Update … Sandra presented a draft that will be discussed further at future meetings. There were specific questions regarding the fee for practice ice for non members - request from Erik Neilsen for Hans’ team and the Viau team - each team has 3 non members. Fee is $10 / hr, or can choose to become a member for $75. Also discussed fees for the Schierl Event - will assess discounted fees for facility rental, and curtler fee. Another event that Justin Adamski is coordinating for a Holiday Party on December 3rd for appx 100 - Discounted facility rental - $500, curler fee TBD. 

UWSP CURLING STATUS … Jodi Olmsted contacted Steve regarding concerns for this coming season, Steve suggested students try curling before joining. Ideally students register, paying the $75 fee. The fee would cover intramurals, practice or league play. Practice on Oct 20 and 27, at 8:30, will be fine. The Turkey Spiel is scheduled for Nov 5 - 7, 2021.

Power and controller alarm system - Tom Pepowski --Tom did a lot of research on looking at systems that will help to eliminate the power outage problem that we incurred earlier this season. Currently, when power is interrupted, WIFI is also interrupted, which creates the problem. Use of a landline is what was used in the past .. If the phone goes down, the system doesn’t work. 

A cell phone plan might be a viable option - involves applying for a cell phone plan that would provide text alerts before damage occurs - includes power loss monitoring and adjustable temperature monitoring, as well as 4 inputs which allow expansion into water monitoring. Sensors are needed for success of the program. Tom will check on additional options, WPS and Alliant Energy and report back at the next board meeting. 

Other - Jack reporting 

Lockers … 2 members requested the 5 year option, which was offered only for the previous season, Jack will offer those 2 members an option to accept the next 4 years for the $100, otherwise he will refund, and they would pay $30 per year. Ice Ads - Jason Tree handled the Ice Ads previously, Doug will reach out to Jason to see if he will continue with that effort. Kitchen and east entry door --- Tom Pepowski will change the locks to a system on those doors to lock automatically when leaving the building… will need a key to re-enter. Need to avoid those doors being accidentally left unlocked. There were 160 stainless steel mugs ordered for the golf outing, that were given to each golfer. There are appx 40 left, discussion resulted in the club offering to sell to members for $10 each. Jack stocked the freezer with Portessi pizzas, and will also stock Arbuckles Cheese Fries with marinara sauce. … cost $7 each. Name Tags had been previously handled by Kathy Browne, will ask if she would be willing to handle again. Club Pins, 800 were ordered, Jack suggested they be offered for sale to members, will work out a price and report back. Phone - landline has not been operational since the storm about a month ago. Modem needs to be replaced, Spectrum will be contacted to have it remedied. Jack reported that the Audit is being finalized, he shared that the project was very extensive, now wait for the invoice 



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