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September 15, 2021



September 15, 2021 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Attendees - Doug Anderson Emily Weiss Matt Weiss Jack Konopacky Steve Wykle Jack Edgerton 

Matt Davis Justin Adamski Sandra Kawleski Tom Pepowski


Meeting 6:30 PM


Sentry Curling Center 1515 Maple Dr Plover Wi 54467



Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order. 

Minutes from previous Meeting - Minutes approved, motion made by Steve, 2nd by Jack - all in favor. 

Matt Weiss will be posting Board Minutes and Annual Meeting Minutes on the Website 

Financial Update … Jack Edgerton …. Jack reported total Assets - - $119,297. Jack stated there are 15 days left in the fiscal year which ends Sept 30th. Did not receive the WPS bill - they were questioning the high usage, wanted to be sure it was legit. Jack has been writing out checks to members for reimbursement for expenses incurred for the Opener Bonspiel. The golf entry fees are in, Emily has the numbers. Have 5 empty ½ barrels that were used during the bonspiel, and some partials, Jack E and Jack K will be taking inventory. The champagne glasses were used - about 40% for the Grand Opening, and 60% for the Bonspiel. Expense for the Piper - $300 for both events. The Village of Plover loan docs are finalized, need signatures, then present to the Village. Funds from donors - Skyward, Ann Shannon, Bach Run, Community Foundation, etc) will be going to the Village toward debt owed. Motion made by Justin to accept Financial Update, 2nd by Steve, motion carried. 

Scholarship update - Justin provided an update … suggestion Three candidates applied, - Aiden, Simon Solin and Kale Larson.. The committee of Justin, Patti and Lori will be making the decision for the deserving applicants. It was suggested that each of the 3 applicants be awarded $500 each. Motion made by Matt, 2nd by Justin, motion carried. Discussion followed as to what name be given for the scholarship, that discussion will be continued. 

Fall Opener Bonspiel Recap - Steve Wykle. Sept 10 - 12 2021 - A very successful event, 32 teams, numerous compliments on the facility, food and events. There were over 50 volunteers, grossed over $16K, ice prep / scraping went well, an issue with condensation, dishwasher decided to stop working on Saturday (has since been resolved), a Grand Event !!

Golf Outing - September 13th Matt & Emily Weis … Another successful Event ..25 teams, raffle netted $1725, Justin coordinated holes sponsors, had 31 (with some expenses) - profit $3000. Total monies collected $15,500 - Country Club expenses $2580. Justin offered a suggestion regarding the scholarship program - suggested offering ½ of proceeds from hole sponsorship… added that high school students take a more active role in getting sponsors - more sponsors equate to more dollars given out for recipients. 

Grand Opening … Doug Held on Thursday July 9th -4:00 pm. Invites included Officials from the Village of Plover, Sentry, Keller, Portage Co Business Council, Skyward, Schierl Cos, KI Mobility, club members, etc. TV Media present as well as the Sentry video team. Doug prepared the itinerary, which included a formal Rock throwing Ceremony, honored Sentry for their generous donation as well as other donors.. The ceremonial rock throwing event included Kris Henning, Dan (Dan Mahoney’s replacement) Pete McPartlin, the Schierl Brothers, Steve Wykle, and many others.. A bagpiper attended to provide the music for the marching of the participants as part of the ceremonial rock throwing event. Ryan Kernosky coordinated the piper. The event was held outside the front door, Several guests prepared remarks, each attendee received a complimentary champagne glass, champagne was poured for toasts during the ceremony, there were over 100 attending. 

There were ½ hr presentations by several dignitaries, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and recognition of contributors, volunteers. A food truck was on site for anyone wishing to have food. A cash bar was open for the social aspect of the celebration.. A beautiful presentation and event !! 

Construction Crew Event - Canceled 

Club Interior decor / wall hangings - Committee - Lori Kawleski, Casey Konopacky, Kathy Dennis - no update at this time. No further update. 

Fall Season ..2021 … beginning Monday Sept 20th 

Sept 20 - Monday - doubles - 4 teams ..16 signed up 

Sept 21 Tuesday - Instructional - led by Doug Anderson - capped at 16, Matt Weiss to assist Sept 22 Wednesday - open 2 complete teams, others interested Scott Winn, Lori Kawleski Bill Smith Sept 23 Learn to Curl - 4 signed up for this date - future dates Sept 30, Oct 7 Oct 14. Sept 24 Friday - Open Discussion of having Friday be a dinner league - working on details Sept 26 Sunday - Open 

Youth Dues … for fall season - $60. 

Dues - adult fall season $120 All members who want to use practice ice, must apply and pay dues of $120, even if not joining fall leagues. Daytime members - same rules. 

COVID Protocol - use the same protocol as Opener Bonspiel - If vaccinated, mask optional, if not vaccinated, mandatory masking. Sweeping - team discretion, can decide to use one or two sweepers.

LEARN TO CURL EVENTS - scheduled for Sept 23 and 30 /// Oct 7 and 14th. All participants must register on the website - which Matt prepared and posted. Sandra will recruit instructors, email to all those on the previous volunteer listing. Banners - Patti Henning updated the banners used in the past, Kris posted the banners at various locations around town. 

Winter Season - league structure … same as previous season, with the addition of offering Friday as a dinner league - potluck style. Friday is in need of volunteers to run this league, Matt and Terry Davis resigned as league chairs. Looking at potential couples to act as chairs. Saturday will continue to be a 

pick-up type event. Wednesday is Women’s league beginning at 6:30, with UWSP practicing at 8:30 - 9:-00. High School practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 

UWSP Curling - practice to begin during winter league, on Wednesdays at 8:30 or 9:00.. 

Portage Co Business Council Membership - Our club had been a member in the past, missed the last 2-3 years. Revisited the benefits, sharing community resources to connect with membership to promote interaction of networks … opportunity to participate in the Business After Hours event, by showcasing our new facility, which can be used to create interest in future membership of our club. Motion made and carried to apply for membership again. 

Membership Committee Update - Committee needs to meet to continue discussion - lots of elements involved in the membership. No update at this meeting. Jeff Lila expressed interest in helping with this committee .. 

Other … USWCA - Doug Anderson Doug reported that Terry Gleason from the Wausau Club approached Doug to discuss the USWCA membership. A few years ago, the women members had an option to pay dues that went to the UWCA - which is a National Assn. Our club stopped this opportunity because rules changed that provided that all - or none must be adhered to - so we took the ‘none’ route. Benefits by being a member .. promotes and supports the 5 and Under group of curlers ...if a paid member, that member becomes eligible (to do something with the Scottish tour group ??), assists with travel expenses for junior events, etc. will contact Lori and Patti for input - tabled for future discussion. 

Jack Edgerton - discussed the recent power outage, is a plan being devised for someone to get a phone call when this happens, this is being addressed. Liquor - looking into taking advantage of volume buying with substantial discounts, then offering for sale to members to purchase (must take 

home, not to be consumed in the club). Pizza - was suggested restocking with Portesi pizza ...Justin has a contact at Arbuckles - donated a case of cheese fries with marinara sauce that can be sold at the club, currently in the freezer at the club. Can purchase future supplies at $5 each. 

Doug Anderson - Commercial Kitchen … Think about using the commercial kitchen, leasing to a person to run the kitchen, offering food service, food during the week for league members, Friday night fish fry .. other possibilities.

Following is a draft of the beginning of a plan … thoughts / comments / recommendations 


10 - 25 $50 / HR $75 / HR 

26 - 50 $75 / HR $100 / HR 

51 - 100 $100 / HR $150 / HR 


Minimum 10 - max 30 unless pre approved 

10 curlers or less $25 per person - no Club Fee 

11-20 curlers $20 per person - $200 Club Fee 

21-30 curlers $20 per person - $250 Club Fee 

NON MEMBER RENTAL NO CURLING CLUB FEE ...Offer the facility to rent for events - grad parties, reunions, receptions, etc. need to work toward finalizing the rental rate agreement form - lots of detail for consideration - club mgr, bar server / fee, kitchen mgr / fee, / Cleaning Fee 

Hourly rate ….minimum 10 Max 200 ?? 

Minimum # hrs - 2 Max ?? Charge for # guests .. 

10-25 $50 

26 - 50 $75 

51 - 75 $100 

76 - 100 $125 

101 - 150 $150 

151 - 200 $200 

NEXT MEETING WEDNESDAY October 19, 2021 6:00 pm


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