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August 11, 2021


August 11, 2021 Meeting of Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors


Wednesday August 11, 2021 Attendees - Doug Anderson Emily Weiss Matt Weiss Jack Konopacky Steve Wykle Jack Edgerton 

Matt Davis Justin Adamski Sandra Kawleski Tom Pepowski Ryan Kernosky


Meeting 6:30 PM


Sentry Curling Center 1515 Maple Dr Plover Wi 54467


Kayla Guenther - Pres UWSP Curling Assn

Doug Anderson - Called the meeting to order. 

Minutes from previous Meeting - Minutes approved, motion made by Steve, 2nd by Justin - all in favor. 

Matt Weiss will be posting Board Minutes and Annual Meeting Minutes on the Website 

Guest - Kayla Guenther - Kayla was invited to attend our board meeting - she had sent an email to introduce herself, and had several questions. Her agenda included the Turkey Spiel - requested a date, agreed on November 5-7, 2021. Next - dues structure - recommended each student pay their own club dues, thereby allowing play in leagues as well as their practice sessions. Practice … scheduled for Wednesdays after 8 pm. Next- Asked for Volunteer / service opportunities - want to have students included in helping with club volunteer activities…. Can help with bonspiels, Learn to Curl Events, golf outing, etc. Scheduled LTC events … Sept 23 and 30 October 7 and 14 - more info to follow. Kayla also expressed interest in having students attend the pebbling clinic so they can do their own pebbling for their bonspiel and practice sessions. 

Financial Update … Jack Edgerton …. Jack reported total Assets - - $80,043. Reported that there are 29 teams for the Opener Bonspiel. Public Service bill $653. Spectrum - seasonal rate $30, will resume regular rate September 3rd. 

Scholarship update - Justin provided an update … An application was created for the Website for students to apply. Discussed the delivery process of creating interest to eligible students for those to apply. The committee of Justin, Patti and Lori will be making the decision to the most deserving applicant.

Fall Open Bonspiel update - Steve Wykle. Sept 10 - 12 2021 

Registration - Steve reported there are 30 teams registered - looking for 2 Point teams. Matt VanBevin signed up as a skip - no team names identified. Tressa Kay had registered a team, that check was refunded, and have one Marshfield team registered. 

Ice Making and Maintenance - Jack Konopacky - Begin August 28th - turn on dehumidification system 2 days before the flood … spray concrete with heavy mist, same day roll out sheets, spray down to minimize wrinkles, 2 to 3 floods, lay circles, install hacks, continue flooding .. process to take 7-8 days Maintenance during bonspiel - pebbling clinic set for August 18th 5 pm. All certified pebblers will be invited to attend - email will be sent. 

Bar - The bar committee was able to secure 6 cases of champagne for $7 / bottle. 

Champagne Flutes for Grand Opening ..Steve discussed the purchase of champagne glasses to be presented to attendees at the grand opening and the Opener Bonspiel. A ceremonial toast will be conducted to honor the new Curling Club. Emily researched options, and ordered the glasses. 

Food -- Pig roast is the plan for Saturday’s dinner - Sandra’s Brother Frank and nephew Russ, will be providing the pork for the event, will bring their cooker, set up on the south side of the parking lot. Sandra will coordinate sides - potato salad, coleslaw, calico beans, dessert. 

COVID - notification was sent to skips of all registered teams, advising the COVID protocol … entrants not vaccinated must wear masks, those that are vaccinated may choose to not wear a mask. The team can decide on play, using 1 or 2 sweepers. 

Learn To Curl … Matt Weiss to post on the website - dates have already been released to the public - fliers distributed at the Celebrate Plover Event. Matt to create a Google Doc. 

Golf Outing - September 13th Matt & Emily Weis … currently has 32-34 teams Emily meeting with Andrew from Country Club, finalizing detail. Coordinating volunteers to help with raffle baskets. Justin chairing hole sponsorship. Has 20-24 previous sponsors -- goal is to get 36 sponsors. 

Use of Facility in off-season … 

RIDE FOR AMERICA - July 30 - August 2 Event was held, went well. They packed up and left on Monday morning. A benefit to the club … a box truck was en route to pick up big stuff, the truck broke down, didn’t have room for cases of water, left 33 cases at the club for us to use / sell. 

Grand Opening … Doug Scheduled for Thursday July 9th -4:00 pm. Invite to include Officials from Village of Plover, Sentry, Keller, Portage Co Business Council, club members, etc. Media release to be prepared. Doug will prepare an itinerary, to include a formal Rock Ceremony honoring Sentry for their generous donation. There will be a ceremonial rock throwing event with Kris Henning, Dan Mahoney, Pete McPartlin, and Steve Wykle. A bagpiper will be attending to provide entertainment, Ryan Kernosky coordinating. 

There will be ½ hr for speaking parts, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and recognition of contributors, volunteers. A food truck will be on site for anyone wishing to have food. A Cash bar will be open for the social aspect of the celebration.. There will be an email invitation, plus a general invitation to all members.

Construction Crew Event - Steve discussed having a ‘thank you’ type event for the construction crews of those involved in the building project - will offer curling, snacks and beverages, all complimentary. Tentative date - Sept 25th Saturday. Will offer curling instruction to those interested. 

Club Interior decor / wall hangings - Committee - Lori Kawleski, Casey Konopacky, Kathy Dennis - no update at this time. No further update. 

Summer projects / work day … painting boards that line the deck - Tom Pepowski will remove the boards for easier painting. Broomholder - Tom will use leftover decking to build a broom holder. Also need table toppers to coincide with sheet numbers. Cup holders also discussed. Date for the work day - August 14th - 9 am. Question was asked regarding the Schierl’s finishing their recognition area behind the bar. Jack Edgerton suggested door handles be replaced on the kitchen door and door in the ice house on the east end - change to a lock that automatically locks when the door closes, and must re-enter via a different door. Will solve the problem of doors being left unlocked accidentally. 

Fall Season ..2021 … Matt Weiss to prepare the website to begin registration for the fall season - fee to be set at $120. Season to begin the week of Sept 20 through Oct 25 Consideration .. Mondays - mixed doubles Tuesdays - Instructional Wednesday - open league, Thursdays - open house / Learn to Curl events which will require pre-registration Friday - Open Sundays - Open. Discussed having a dinner league on Wednesdays for the November starting league … maybe dinner at 4:30, with shifts at 6:30 and 9:00 - more discussion to follow. Need to be cognizant of High School practice - Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Also, Turkey Spiel - 1st weekend in November, and UWSP College practice on Wednesdays. 

Membership Committee Update - Committee needs to meet to continue discussion - lots of elements involved in the membership. No update at this meeting. 

Other … Jack Edgerton … Bar committee continues meeting to research Liquor selection for service at the bar Contracts with Badger Liquor and General Beverage. Jack is looking into having a card reader. Suggestion to have a soda gun installed, vs cans/bottles of soda. Jack continuing with the Auditor - expecting a large fee for services. 

NEXT MEETING WEDNESDAY September 15, 2021 6:30 pm


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