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There have been a number of questions about the Stevens Point Curling Club’s COVID protocols. As Omicron variant has become prevalent in our community, we are aware that a number of club members have tested positive for COVID over the past month. Given the pervasiveness of the variant in our community and the relatively low number of members impacted, it is not possible to attribute these cases to activities within our facility.  However, the board would like to clarify our policies. Our objectives in establishing our policies include the following.

  1. We want to protect the health and safety of our club members and our community.
  2. We will use public health guidelines to assist in establishing our policies. Our recommending resource is the Portage County Public Health Guidelines (https://www.co.portage.wi.us/department/health-and-human-services/division-of-public-health/covid-19-coronavirus-disease-2019/-fsiteid-1)
  3. We want to minimize divisiveness among our membership that comes with varying perspectives about COVID, vaccines and masking.

This is admittedly an imperfect and difficult balancing act, but one we feel is important to navigate for the continuity of our club.

  1. We strongly recommend members get vaccinated, including boosters as the most effective means to protect yourself and our community from COVID.
  2. If you are feeling sick (even minor symptoms associated with the cold or flu), stay home, and get yourself tested.
  3. Individuals who test positive should isolate for at least 5 days from the first day symptoms began or from the day of positive test if no symptoms. A mask should be worn for additional 5 days after isolation period. See https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/diagnosed.htm for further details.
  4. Fully vaccinated people should feel comfortable wearing a mask in our facility anytime and should wear a mask if they have tested positive for COVID within last 10 days or are experiencing symptoms.
  5. For individuals not fully vaccinated, “FACE COVERINGS ARE STLL RECOMMENDED. Every individual who is not fully vaccinated, should wear a face covering indoors or in an enclosed space.”
  6. See Portage County Face Covering Advisory for further details and recommendations. https://www.co.portage.wi.us/home/showpublisheddocument/36328
  7. These are not mandates. We are not going to selectively call out or require proof from individuals. We trust that members will make a safe and healthy choice

We would also like to better define a process to provide Notice of individuals testing positive for COVID.

  1. Those individuals coming in close contact with an individual testing positive for COVID should be notified. This allows the person to take appropriate precautions for their personal circumstances.
  2. If you test positive for COVID, individuals at the curling club with whom you had close contact during the previous 48 hours of developing symptoms should be notified.
    1. Notify Steve Wykle (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you test positive. This notice will be kept anonymous, but will allow us to keep a sense for how wide spread COVID is amongst our membership to assess need for changes in protocols.
    2. Directly notify individual with whom you came close contact if you are comfortable doing so.
    3. If you would like to remain anonymous, you may notify Steve Wykle of the individuals with whom you came in close contact. We will provide appropriate notice anonymously.
    4. If you attended a curling event (such as a club hosted bonspiel) please notify the bonspiel chair, and we will provide notice to participants.
  3. See https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/close-contacts.htm#:~:text=Stay%20home%20and%20away%20from,be%20around%20others%20during%20quarantine for more information on Close Contacts.

Good curling,

Board of Directors




COVID has impacted our lives in many ways. Curling is no different. Most curling clubs in the state are planning to open. We are planning to curl this season. We benefit from a wealth of good insights throughout the curling world on how to best adjust our sport to mitigate the risks associated with COVID. 

Regardless of COVID-related adjustments, it is not possible to eliminate all risks of a COVID infection in any group activity. We expect and understand that some members will decide to forgo curling this year or maybe wait until something changes later in the year to make them more comfortable. 





Over the year, the Stevens Point Curling Club Board of Directors has been carefully watching, weighing, and discussing how to safely and effectively return to curling this fall. Your Board of Directors considered all possibilities to ensure this year at our brand-new facility is successful, safe, and enjoyable for all. 



We want to provide a safe environment for curlers as well as our community. As recommended by the CDC, if you are vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask while in our facility, though guidelines do recommend that you do. If you have not been vaccinated, you should wear a mask while in our facility.

We trust that you will make a safe and healthy choice for yourself and others.


Locker Rooms:

There are no immediate plans to limit access to the number of people allowed in the locker rooms, but if an outbreak does occur, this may be implemented. We recommend that members come to the club ‘prepared to curl’ (proper outerwear is worn) if able to prevent congestion in the locker rooms.


Game Play:

  • Skips need to be cognizant of their surroundings and social distancing, and any unnecessary sweeping in the house should be avoided (if the stone is going to go through, don’t dust it out).
  • After each game, each team member is responsible for sanitizing the stones that they utilized (the other option is to have the losing team/team cleaning the ice take care of this).
  • Drinks on the Ice should be clearly marked with the owner's name and in an enclosed container (containers from home can be utilized).


Waivers & Non-Compliance:

Each member shall be required to sign a waiver indicating that they agree to hold the club harmless if COVID-19 is contracted while at the facility. Additionally, members should agree to assist with proper contact tracing if they end up getting COVID-19 and have spent time at our facility. Finally, all members should understand that if a COVID-19 breakout occurs, the club will close for several days for proper sanitation. Club fees shouldn’t be reimbursed during this time. 

If a member refuses to follow the set rules (enforced by the Board and the League Chairs), the Board and/or the League Chairs may eject that member from play for that night, or for the season if it continues to be an issue.

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