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  • Stevens Point Cashspiel circa 1980's

  • Picture of our New Stone Handles

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  • 2 Minute Guide to Curling
  • SPCC in the Community
  • Of Ice and Men(or How Ice is Maintained)
  • June Update From Capital Planning Committee
  • Member Mtg 8/24

A Light hearted Look at Curling.

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The 4th of July Parade was a hit with 40+ club representatives marching in the parade!  Thanks to all who volunteered.

Volunteers are needed for the Celebrate Plover Day  Sat, July 25th.  It is an all day event at Pacawa Park(where our new club will be located).  Volunteers needed for a few hours day or evening.  Contact Brody Rice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or other Board Memebrs if you would like to help.  

October 2nd our club will be selling brats at the Trig’s stand.  Mark your calendars to help out with help needed in the late morning through the early evening.  Not only is this a fundraiser but it will be just prior to the start of the season.  Again more info to be sent out later via e-mail.


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 Our Icehouse is sand based(as opposed to concrete).  Within the sand are tubes that contain glycol.  A compressor makes the glycol cold and moves it through the lines. 

Start of Season - New Ice

At the beginning of the season, all equipment is checked and the sand smoothed out.  It takes a good 2 weeks to make the ice ready for play.  It starts with lightly sprinkling water on the sand 3 times a day for a couple of days.  Once the sand is frozen enough the house is 'flooded' using a gentle stream of water.  This is done multiple times a day and adds less than 1/8 inch of ice each time.  Flooding continues for 4-5 days.

Next comes 'laying paper'.  This involves putting wet, white square sheets of paper over the entire house and is done by a crew of 8-10.  This makes the ice look nice and the lines and circles stand out.  1 sprinkle then 2 floods follow on top of the paper. The hacks are put in during these floods.

Next comes laying the lines and circles.  This is done by 4-5 people and takes 4-5 hours.  Again, a sprinkle and 2-3 floods.

Now the ice is ready to be 'scraped'  prior to the first real use of the season.   The scraper is the big machine tucked away at the East end of the house. Each scrape takes about an hour but at this point, we will often do multiple scrapes to clean up the ice and eliminate any mineral buildup on the surface. This mineral buildup is what  makes the ice greasy after a flood. 

Then a double 'pebble'(see below) and a 'nip' and let the curling begin!

Key players: Ian Journeaux, Jack Konopacky, Jack Edgerton


Scraping the ice is a daily task to help keep the ice in good shape.  This takes about an hour.   The more frequently the ice is scraped, the faster the ice will be.  Jack Edgerton, Jack Konopackyand John Frederiksen are the only members who know how to do this on a regular basis.  This is one area where we need more volunteers.

Before Each Match

Ice is 'pebbled', which means hot water is sprinkled across the ice with a special tool.  It looks like the ice is getting holy water on it.  The pebbling of the ice gives the ice an orange peel texture. Then the ice is 'nipped' using the tool stored on the East side of the house.   The nipped pebbles are what the stones ride on and makes it easier to move the stone down the ice.  Many people perform this task.  If you were ever wondering why everyone is standing around before a match it may be because they're waiting on someone to pebble.   Its easy to do, just ask someone to train you before you try it.


At least once a month the ice is flooded.  Usually if the ice seems to be leaning to the outside walls its time for a flood(see Challenges).   Scraping follows, of course.


Our house is not insulated nor airtight.  And, because our ice goes right up to the walls a process called 'sublimation' occurs which results in the ice shrinking near the walls. Our only solution is to flood and scrape. 

Our Ice Committee is comprised of: Jack Edgerton, Jack Konopacky, John Frederiksen, Ian Journeaux and Casey Konopacky.    As you can see , many hours go into keeping our ice playable.  This is a lot of work falling on just a few.   Please consider getting involved in ice maintenance this next season, it would be most appreciated.   Contact one of them or anyone who does pebbling/nipping to learn more.



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Now that the season has wrapped up and the icehouse closed down, the Capital Planning in support of a new facility is in full swing.  Key activities in progress include:

  • Completing a Business Plan.  This includes financial statements and projections along with background on our club, our building plans, funding plan, testimonials, etc.
  • Develop list of potential donors, and contacts who can introduce us to these donors.  If you know of anyone who might be a significant donor candidate please send the info to Nick Bandow  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact any of the committee members listed below.
  • Finalizing the Lease Agreement language.  We have gone through a couple of iterations on the lease .  It is now being reviewed by our lawyer prior to presenting to Plover.

We hope to have an update to our members in July with initial contact to key donors in August timeframe.

Capital Planning Committee: Ian Journeaux, Don Guay, Casey Konopacky, Sandra Kawleski, Nick Bandow, Kim Nawyn, Matthew Rueth

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When:    Monday, August 24th, 6:00 - 7:30

Where:  Sunset Point Winery, 1201 Water St.(former Point Bakery Bldg)

Respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ONLY if you plan on attending

Agenda:  Capital Planning Update, Upcoming Registration info, New Sunday League, Q&A

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